Talks & Events

THURSDAY, December 7

Touch Me
2pm  |  Crafts Council UK and The New Craftsmen, Booth #217

Annie Warburton, Creative Director at the Crafts Council, will consider the themes behind the work exhibited at FORM, focusing on the tactility and materiality explored by the artists. Warburton will also discuss the vibrant craft scene in the UK and how it is tuning heads internationally.

FRIDAY, December 8

Stainless Steel Sculptures by Santiago Medina: The Magic Behind Them
1pm  |  George Billis Gallery, Booth #215

Artist Santiago Medina will show the process of creating a masterpiece stainless steel (SS) sculpture including drawings, initial models, advanced computerized 3D enhancements to the final high quality welded and mirror finish SS sculpture. The unique reflectivity and ever-changing characteristics of SS will be highlighted.

The Spirit of Collaboration
2pm  |  Craft Council UK and The New Craftsmen, Booth #217

Yelena Ford, Commercial Director at The New Craftsmen, will explore the spirit of collaboration and the fusion of materiality in British Craft: The Miami Edit. Ford, in-conversation with artists Sebastian Cox and Sue Paraskeva, will focus on the unique dresser installation created especially for FORM.

New Work, Again
3pm  |  Hawk Galleries, Booth #104

Dan Dailey will briefly explain his art on display and answer questions. Works include ink drawings, complex glass and metal murals, free-standing sculpture and illuminated sculpture. His highly detailed and impeccably made objects are subjective and narrative, and often include references to historical works of art and design.

Blurring the Boundaries Between Man and Machine
3pm  |  George Billis Gallery, Booth #215

Artist David Barnett will discuss the age-old struggle between nature and the man-made industrial world. He will question whether we are losing our personal identity because of our dependence on technology.

Ken Bortolazzo: Kinetic Sculpture, Art and Movement
4pm  |  George Billis Gallery, Booth #215

Artist Ken Bortolazzo will speak on his kinetic stainless steel sculptures and his work as fabricator for the father of kinetic sculpture George Rickey.

Viking Ships: Glass and Wood
5pm ¬†| ¬†Galleri Gr√łnlund, Booth #200

Artists Andrew Jason Brown will talk about the unique collaboration that merges crafts, workshops, nationalities, and histories in the making of wooden and glass Viking ships. Cabinet makers Mette Bentzen (DK) and Lasse Kristensen (DK) and glass artists Nanna Backhaus (DK) and Andrew Jason Brown (UK) combine their skills to produce these unique pieces. Their workshops are at the harbor in Hundested, Denmark, where Viking ships passed through. Brown will be available for a meet-and-greet with attendees after his talk.

SATURDAY, December 9

Meet the Artist | Alex Kveton
1pm  |  Onessimo Fine Art, Booth #212

Artist Alex Kveton will be available for a meet-and-greet with attendees.

Meet the Artist | Bertil Vallien
4pm  |  Schantz Galleries, Booth #206

Artist Bertil Vallien will be available for a meet-and-greet with attendees along with a prosecco reception.

SUNDAY, December 10

Meet the Artist | Susan Gott
1pm  |  Onessimo Fine Art, Booth #212

Artist Susan Gott will be available for a meet-and-greet with attendees.